Orleans Snow Removal

Servicing Driveways In Orleans Only

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We currently have space for approximately 30 more clients then we will be shutting down sign-ups for the rest of the season. **if you sign up for the monthly payment option you are obligated for the full 5 payments even if you sign up half way through the year. We don't offer partial season service unfortunately** Sign up availability will be on a first come first serve basis and signups will be shut down once we receive the max out for clients for this season.

Orleans Snow Blowing 
Tired of Shovelling snow? It's cold outside, let us do it!
What Size is My Driveway?

Single driveway (fits 2 cars) $420+hst for the full season!

Double driveway (fits 4 cars) $450+hst for the full season!

Triple driveway (fits 6 cars) $480+hst for the full season!

Why Sign up before October 15th?
  • Free giveaways: sign up before October 15th and get entered to win one of our free prizes which include free Ipads, free snow removal and $100 prepaid visas. 
  • Cheaper Pricing: All of our prices are listed at a $75 discount until October 31st where our regular pricing comes into effect.
  • ​Limited space: We get booked up fast and to secure your spot its best to sign up as soon as possible as we limit the amount of driveways to provide fast service.
  • ​Effortless Sign Up Process: Fill out your information and address, put in your credit card number which acts as the signature and a contract is sent automatically to your email address and you are signed up for the season.

Season Starts November 15th 2023 Until April 15th 2024

SNOW REMOVAL OPTIONS (tractor service or tractor service + shovelling) Price
$420+hst for the full season
$84+hst per month for 5 months
$450+hst For The full Season
$90+hst per month for 5 months
$480+hst for the full season
$96+hst per month for 5 months
$685+hst for the full season
$137+hst per month for 5 months
$715+hst for the full season
$143+hst per month for 5 months
$745+hst for the full season
$149+hst per month for 5 months
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All of our tractors have gps tracking tablets showing their exact location and automatically send you a text message, email or phone call (your choice of notification) when they are 30 minutes to an hour away.

Our state of the art software lets you know when the tractor will arrive for cleaning so your vehicles can be removed without you having to guess when we would be showing up..

We can see where all tractors are at all times to provide updates and to make sure nothing gets missed. 

All driveway are geo located so they won't be marked off as done until the tractor physically is in your driveway for 10+ seconds. This helps us monitor all routes and make sure nothing gets missed during routes.
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